• High power projector MEGA

    The projector of all superlatives. MEGA range is included in the most powerful projectors around the world.

  • Rail Solution

    Luxxen innovates and designs this new lighting system with rail clamping for bloc supports of led tubes.

  • Ceiling built-in ARIZARO

    Discover ARIZARO® ceiling built-in lighting which outcomes from luxxen’s research and development bureaus.

  • Aligned light

    Discover our new aligned lamps with a refine design for all your functional and smart lighting applications.

  • Led projectors LX35

    Luxxen’s projectors LX35 range is a concentration of technologies and is included as “THE” solution for your architectural lightings projects.

  • Ground built-in LX320

    Ground built-in for an architectural lighting, LX 320 series is the ideal solution for enhancing your green spaces and buildings.

  • Soléane autonomous lighting

    Soléane® street lamp or Soléane® Candelabra is powered by solar energy which permits to stock and to restore electricity during the night for lighting.