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Al Maqta Bridge – Abu Dhabi

Selon les exigences du service technique des émirats d’Abu Dhabi nous avons créé un luminaire spécifique pour répondre aux In Accordance with technic office requirements of Emirates from Abu Dhabi, we created a specific lamp to answer in lighting constrained of road ways (2Cd/M2) and it’s adapted in climatic conditions (+55°C).

Details :

  • 17 000 Lm
  • 130 W consumption
  • Colour : 3000 k
  • In option, we can pilot the colour from 2700K to 5000K.
  • IP 65-IK: 08
  • Controlled 0-10V
  • Control system and management of temperature.
  • Natural ventilation.

We also conceived the lantern and the post for this project. The aim is to obtain a perfect integration and an optimal ventilation system in keeping with the compulsory design. The design of this post permitted us to integrate our drivers into the base of the post.