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Ceiling built-in ARIZARO

Discover ARIZARO® ceiling built-in lighting which outcomes from luxxen’s research and development bureaus, it offers the best of Led High power technology. Already present on several projects, ARIZARO® range proved itself in luminous performance and energy saving terms.

Power: 8W -12W-16W
Voltage: 48 V- deported Feeding (until 45 M)
Beam Angle: 120° / IP 44
Lumens : 300 à 800 Lm (8W) / 300 à 1200 Lm (12W) / 300 à 2000 LM (16W)

Diameter: 80 mm / Thickness: 27 mm
Dimmer compatible, 0-10 V-Dali
Power of variable flow
Controllable lighting colors: From warm white to cool white. (2700K-5000K)
Optic: transparent or opaque
Flange design : circular, choice RAL-Square