• Al Maqta Bridge – Abu Dhabi

    In accordance with technic office requirements of Emirates from Abu Dhabi, we created a specific lamp to answer in lighting constrained of road ways (2Cd/M2) and it’s adapted in climatic conditions (+55°C).

  • Cubvolume – Kazakhstan

    Luxxen, in cooperation with the Cubvolume manufacturer, developed a lamp with a small thickness being able to integrate itself into the unique Cubvolume housing.

  • MND group – France

    Lighting study for MND Group company. Architectural lighting, access, street lighting, area lighting.

  • Emirates palace – Abu Dhabi

    Luxxen will furnish 9000 architectural lamps for the Emirates Palace of Abu Dhabi, 5-star hotel the most luxurious hotel of Emirates.

  • Le Kaïla Hotel – Méribel

    Le Kaïla chose Luxxen technology for lighting this sumptuous 5-star hotel in Méribel.

  • Motorway lighting – Abu Dhabi

    Luxxen was chosen for making some tests with MEGA projectors in Emirates standards, motorways with 5 lines.